Let’s Get Loud

At the iconic Brisbane City Hall, the 2024 “Let’s Get Loud” Gala Lunch was a dynamic force for change. As a part of their Dancing CEO’s initiative, we were tasked with rallying support for The Women’s Legal Service QLD to champion safety for women and children. We transformed the venue into a vibrant beacon of hope, with every detail crafted to inspire and engage, from the colour-drenched decor to the meaningful, personalised candles gifted to attendees as symbols of our shared strength.

The event was a sensory feast, filled with stunning moments designed to deeply connect guests to the cause. Captivating performances and powerful speeches highlighted the urgent need to unite for those most vulnerable in our community. Our Glo-ment: a stirring video and performance piece produced and directed by Glo Events that told the story of three survivors of domestic violence that had the audience moved to their feet in an eruption of support and love.

Emotion and solidarity were the day’s themes, as laughter and tears blended into a powerful demonstration of collective will.

I would highly recommend Glo Events to anyone

I recently attended a fundraiser event produced by Glo Events. Having attended many functions at the same venue before, I can say they took the styling to the next level with bold design choices that elevated your mood immediately upon entering the space. Glo Events created the perfect vibe for fundraising and took the 300’ish people on a journey that connected each guest to the cause in a deeply personal way but not so as to dampen the mood, rather to have standing ovations celebrating the positive impact donations will make. The event was coordinated more like a well-crafted, produced experience than a ‘run sheet’.

I would highly recommend Glo Events to anyone wanting to take their event to the next level, particularly charity events wanting to find better ways to cut through and truly make an impact as well as raise funds.

Mathew Sinclair