An evening of heartfelt camaraderie and timeless tradition: We present our collaboration with Ridgmont Farm, a celebration that echoes the grandeur of Australian racing traditions. In the heart of Ridgmont’s rustic allure, our VIP dinner party paid homage to the enduring principles of the Ridgmont legacy.

In a setting aglow with candlelight and dressed in sage and ivory, every detail—from the warm light to the bespoke ribbon—underscored the strong bond between Ridgmont and its honoured guests. Amidst vibrant laughter and a memorable performance with lyrics penned just for the occasion, we celebrated the enduring value of family, friendship, and deep connections.

Be part of the magic of that night, where the excitement of racing and the warmth of togetherness blended seamlessly, crafting memories to be treasured for years to come.

The team at Glo stands unparalleled

In the realm of hosting dinner parties, the team at Glo stands unparalleled. From the moment we entered, it was clear that an extraordinary experience awaited us. The ambience was not just visually perfect; it was imbued with a genuine warmth and soulfulness that enveloped the evening, crafting indelible memories for every attendee. The night was a rollercoaster of emotions—filled with laughter, tears, and a profound sense of kinship that transformed the dinner into more than just a gathering; it became a moment of true connection. In the context of Magic Millions week, the Ridgmont dinner party is becoming the most coveted invitation, not for the prestige, but for the unforgettable journey it promises!